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Big Bend Conservancy is excited to announce the launch of the new fossil plate! Order yours today! 

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MORE THAN Twenty Years of Giving to Big Bend National Park

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In 1997 the 75th Texas Legislature authorized the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) to issue a specially-designed license plate depicting a familiar landmark or image of Big Bend National Park. The cost of this plate, over and above the normal registration fee, is thirty dollars ($30). Of this amount, twenty-two dollars ($22) is designated to benefit Big Bend National Park. The first plates were ordered in early November of 1997 and began arriving at County Tax Assessor-Collector Offices throughout Texas in mid-January 1998.

As one might expect, the vast majority of purchases have been in the major metropolitan centers of Texas. However, citizens throughout all regions of the state have also purchased license plates. It is not uncommon for a family to purchase two, three or even four sets of plates, thus outfitting all its vehicles with this striking symbol of support for the park. If you have not seen one on a vehicle, be on the lookout! If you would like to purchase one, simply click here to be taken to the website for the Texas Department of Transportation where you can purchase your Big Bend license plate and even add a personalized message.

Many individuals who have purchased plates have also added a personalized message. In various ways these mirror the owners' unique experience at, or special feeling about, Big Bend National Park. Have you seen any of these plates? Perhaps you're the proud owner of one and only you know the secret message it conveys.  And should you happen to see PETEG (Former Congressman and current Sul Ross President Pete Gallego) in your travels, thank him for the part he played in the opportunity to exhibit your pride in and support of Big Bend National Park.

From January 1999 – June 2021, the Conservancy has given over $1 million from the license plate fund to the park for a wide variety of programs.  The Conservancy is delighted to have the opportunity to give money to the park every year from the license plate fund, to ensure the park’s needs are met, even if they are not budgeted. 

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has supported this program over the years, and our thanks as you continue your support in the future.

If you would like to purchase a Big Bend license plate simply click here to be taken to the website for the Texas Department of Transportation.

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We hope to see you in the park soon!  As one Big Bend plate reads:  GOSEE!