Boquillas Crossing Station

Debuted:   April 2013

Amount Raised:  $66,500

Meta Alice Keith Bratten Foundation

The T.C. Frost Family, in honor of their grandchildren William H. Frost, Alexander K. Frost, Josephine H. Frost and Julia C. Frost

The holders of the Big Bend License Plate

In 2013 Big Bend Conservancy provided funding for much-needed staff coverage and training for the first personnel to participate in the opening of the Boquillas Port of Entry. These staff members provide visitors with information on the local area in Big Bend as well as how to have a safe and fun visit to Boquillas, Mexico.

In addition to funding staff, the Conservancy provided three new wayside exhibits for the Port of Entry. One of these waysides exhibits is a history of the Town of Boquillas. Two additional exhibits are large porcelain signs that inform visitors going to and from Mexico about the rules of visiting.  In addition, the Conservancy funded the needed complete upgrade and rehabilitation of the Boquillas Canyon Wayside exhibit found on the bluff of the Boquillas Canyon overlook. The newly installed wayside is completely new with much better graphics, new text, and much more vibrant colors. 

The Boquillas Port of Entry opened in April 2013.  Big Bend Conservancy hosted the Grand Opening celebration and has hosted several bi-national events in the years since the crossing opened.