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Big Bend Conservancy thanks its 1,500 members, whose gifts keep us working toward our mission to preserve, protect and promote Big Bend National Park and the Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River. The Conservancy provides private hikes and other fun events for its members, giving members opportunities to interact with park staff both in and out of the park. We invite you to join the Conservancy and help us help the park.


Membership Levels*

Road Runner ($50) – your kind gift of $50 provides engaging programming and resources for visitors to learn about Big Bend National Park.

Javelina ($100) – your considerate gift of $100 helps BBC with important projects such as restoring historic sites within the park.

Peregrine Falcon ($250) – your thoughtful contribution of $250 enables BBC to make progress with park goals including sustainability and equipping the park with recycling and composting bins to reduce the impact of human waste in the park.

Black Bear ($500) – your generous contribution of $500 allows BBC to contribute to important park initiatives like trail maintenance and development throughout the park.

Mountain Lion ($1,000 and above) – your meaningful annual gift of $1,000 or more facilitates BBC strategic goals-- identifying and preserving unique natural ecosystems and meeting the needs of Big Bend National Park and the Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River.

*Annual membership at all levels includes receipt of the Big Bend Conservancy Newsletter and invitations to membership events in park and regionally, throughout the state. Membership contributions provide annual unrestricted funds allowing the Big Bend Conservancy to accomplish its mission of preserving, enriching, and conserving the unique resources and natural beauty of Big Bend National Park and the Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River. The above examples illustrate some of the many ways the Big Bend Conservancy ensures preservation of the park and the river for future generations.

Become a Member